Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My first Blog ever....has to really be something special and it is as its related to a very familiar colour in our life....GREEN!! How does one describe GREEN? Let me think...Lush green farms, a tender green leaf that holds a dew, a playful water stream making its way through the GREEN mountains, fresh GREEN vegetables at the stall. This description feels amazing. A simple word that describes GREEN is LIFE....yes...GREEN is LIFE. It is an indispensable colour which our mother nature has worn or one can say its her favourite colour.
The title of my blog is GREEN is IN and how did this come to my mind? Certainly a part of society really cares to conserve this colour without going loud as our fashion guru's do! Supermodels and some known famous faces show their concern by flaunting GREEN gowns, T's, nail-paints blah-blah. Does it really make any sense? Is the intention properly conveyed by flaunting a GREEN gown or a T or nail paint? I thought how to contribute for the GREEN...i can't flaunt any of these and then it striked me to think GREEN and to write for GREEN.
I don't want to advice anyone nor want to preach anything but this effort of mine might in some way compel you to think GREEN!
Our planet earth is balding. Being a human-being one truly understands the pain, embarrassment with balding but why can't we feel the pain our planet is going through? Its a serious crime that we are committing and declaring ourselves to be a developed race! The conclusion is if we save GREEN we will save WHITE and we will save LIFE.
Now who is WHITE? Due to global warming the glaciers (WHITE) have already started melting.
One can really imagine the outcome if we don't save GREEN.
How can one think GREEN? Keep a track of your day to day activities and the way it contributes to the planet....definitely it has to contibute for the betterment of our planet!

If you can't plant then you should not chop.
Say "NO" to plastics and polythene bags....i know they look tempting, easy to maintain but we being responsible EARTHIZENS (citizens of earth) should say "NO"
The senior members of the family should make an effort to inculcate this awareness in their next generation.
How about gifting your loved ones with a sapling....its a great idea!
A small initiative may lead to substantial change amongst the one's who are unaware. Why not beware and make our planet GREEN.....GREENER.......GREENEST.....:)

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