Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'March'ing towards Strength

Recently I watched a few Bollywood movies and something interesting striked me. I noted in the movies Wake Up Sid, Band Baja Baraat, Shudh Desi Romance, Hasee toh Phasee was that the female lead is more composed with clarity of thoughts and aims unlike the male lead who is clueless, confused and erratic. India being a male dominant society, the acceptance of such movies by the society definitely is a positive change. Can we say that the face of the Indian Society is changing with respect to the woman? A society where man is always supposed to be correct is bringing such changes give me a hope that soon will be a day where man-woman will be equal. As a child everyone has always experienced that a final vote over any issue is by the father-I am not against this but it has always been a father’s call to decide over career, studies, hobbies etc and has been going on from generations. I always have a question that why is Lord Ganesha worshipped first before the commencement of any auspicious function/pooja in our families? Why never a Goddess?  We come from a culture where there is a celebration of womanhood in the form of Navratri, Dassera, Durga Pujo, Saraswati Pujo but is this enough? A country that has Kiran Bedi also has a Nirbhaya – a victim of gangrape. She could have been anyone amongst us-what a brutal death and punishment of being a woman! Does only physical abuse hurt a woman-‘NO’ is the answer. The moment when she is considered as incompetent, incapable will definitely hurt her the most.
It is very well known that ‘Respect cannot be asked for but has to be earned’ and hence all the gorgeous, courageous women of India – rise up and get your due. We as a woman have been blessed with enormous strength and we are unaware of this. We carry life and bring it out to the world and this proves that we can do something which is next to impossible. Grab every opportunity to test yourself and this would enhance your confidence. Help each other and make every woman around you realize that we are worth of everything beautiful. Emotion is an inevitable part of being a woman and we should use this positively. It should be a drive to success and not something which pulls you back from going ahead and conquering the world. It is a huge responsibility of the society to give her an opportunity, trust her instincts and allow her to act and then you shall see her emerging with flying colours.
Finally – to all the gorgeous and courageous ladies, let’s celebrate womanhood not today but every day for it is a spirit which will never die and will passed over to the coming generations. Grow strength by strength every day and be able enough to fight for respect and dignity. To all of you who have a woman in your life as mother/wife/sister/friend - encourage her, believe in her, support her. She will never let you down. Treasure this precious creation as SHE is the bestest creation of God.

                                            !HAPPY WOMAN'S MONTH!

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