Thursday, May 12, 2011

Save Tiger-Save green...

It was a usual lazy sunday with telivision performing its duty by playing a background score and I was with the newspaper. All of a sudden an evident, attention seeking voice rattled against my eardrums…. I could guess it was Kabir Bedi’s voice and he had lend it for a Noble cause...Save Tigers!

I am not sure about how my blog is gonna help or contribute for this cause but I thought of relating this issue to nature conservation…. Save Tiger – Save Green!

Our culture has derived inspiration from animals, plants. We worship tress, creatures, animals and I guess that creates a beautiful bond, a feeling of belongingness towards everything around us. Worshiping Banayan tree, offering pooja to tulsi, presence of tulsi in front of almost every house is very common and pious in our Indian culture.

Animals too have earned this respect in our culture. The household common rats are vehicle to our favourite “Bappa”, cow has always been related to Lord Krishna, beautiful peacock is a vehicle for Lord Kartik and Tiger is a vehicle to Maa Durga and also Ayyapan.

Some more facts about tiger:

Ø These are the biggest cats existing on the planet

Ø They are called Panthera tigris in latin, Bagh in Hindi, Bengali, Wagh in Marathi, Kaduva in Malayalam & Pedda pulli in Telugu

Ø Amur tigers, Royal Bengal tigers, Indo-chinese tigers, South china tigers and Sumatran tigers are the only 5 kinds left. Initially there were 8types.

Why save Tiger?

The answer to is again a question. How is a healthy forest defined? A forest with a balanced population of its inhabitants is supposed to be healthy.

Tiger is a beautiful animal and it can’t ever be dwelling in places like we do! Hence to save tiger we need to save our forests.

If the tiger has to be saved it means that the dear, antelope and all the other animals on which the tiger preys have to be saved. This is only possible when we save our forests again!

Saving a tiger means saving its entire forest kingdom along with the animals in it.

Must say that the Tigers are sad due to them being hunted. Tigers are an endangered species; today there are only about very few tigers left in the world. About 100 years ago it was estimated that 50,000 to 80,000 tigers were in India alone.

The Bali, the Jawan and the Caspian types of tigers aren’t alive and are extinct now! Habitat loss and illegal killing are the two reasons. Tigers are killed for the rugs and coats made out of their skin. Some Asian cultures still practice the use of their bones and body parts in the medicines for curing diseases.

Friends, if we don’t care for nature a day for sure is to arrive when we (humans) will have a merciless ending! Our parents accompanied us to the Zoo's where we enjoyed the other of the scary but yet interesting used to be TIGER.... but what about our next generation? Remember those goose bumps we had when we first saw a tiger in the cage? Amazing experience…what about our next generation? Will they ever experience the same?

(P.S: this was written by me long ago but thought of sharing with you all once again....the tiger counts too have gone up....feel happy to have contributed for the mission by writing)

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