Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - Let's Welcome together

Beep beep my phone rings,
Happy New Year 2015 – my friend pings,
Wish you the same as I reply,
Does time has wings to fly?
2014 – it is time to bid you good bye,

In this coming new year,

Let us be courageous
Let us be strong,
To stand against odd and wrong

Let us have some peace,
Let us have positivity,
Peace in US can bring peace in world.

Let us gain heap of confidence,
And be sane,
World needs a perfect balance of them.

At last but not least,
Let us be honest, kind, caring and humane,
After we die this is what will remain!

Let us promise that we will care for nature,
Say no to plastic, reduce, reuse and recycle is better,
An eco-friendly lifestyle saves our planet from disaster.

Let us all spread love and laughter,
It has been awful to live in terror,
Live and let live other

Year 2014 has been a mixed bag,
Erase those worst, dirty moments umpteen,
Let us join hand and welcome,
Happy New Year – 2015

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