Monday, January 12, 2015

A memorable place - Amadeus

There have been very few instances when I have been to a pub and after Aadhya, it almost is impossible to mange a peaceful lunch or dinner. On my recent trip to Ghent, Belgium we all colleagues went out for dinner to a place named Amadeus, which is famous for Ribs! Being a vegetarian this place was no good for me and I was hesitant but I stepped in and fell in love with the interiors. Lovely lighting that created a perfect ambiance. Sharing some pics with you all

do you see those tins? they are used to dispose the ribs/bones!

lovely pottery, lamps make a fine dinning hall

my personal favourite

ahh!! beautiful...lovely contrast

I had to be happy with a Burger but enjoyed clicking all these little and bright beautiful lamps. The pictures probably don't do justice but the place was indeed BEAUTIFUL...not for food but I would like to visit again to see if anymore additions to the lamps...


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    1. Thanks you so much Leslie for your kind words and appreciation. It was one of those memorable places that I visited...