Sunday, May 28, 2017

Child in you is immortal.

'If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.'
                                       -Tom Stoppard

The quote above beautifully, exactly and absolutely explains my feelings right now about discovering the childishness in me. That child that always dwelled within me, refused to leave you in my growing years, that child who impishly laughed at my own self, that child who got scared when the light went off suddenly, that child who licked the milky trail of a melted ice cream making its way towards my elbow and more such instances when I am in téte-a-téte with that invincible child in me.

Every time I read a book to my daughter I meet this little child in me. As the story progresses we laugh, we feel sad, we feel hopeful and finally we are happy when little red riding hood is out of the fox's tummy or when Eeyore has a beautiful cosy house to live made by Pooh and Piglet or when 'Aalshi' the honey bee is set free after being trapped in a bottle of honey. With my daughter, I start this journey and relive my moments. Rather my moments are those that we spend together.

I have metamorphosed to a better mother, daughter, wife and lastly a human. This When the ugly 'different' duckling is lonely the smile on her face vanishes. I learn that ugly is being different and with being so comes loneliness but one day the different becomes as beautiful as a Swan and you are not lonely anymore. I learn to be brave just like those three little pigs who came together and kill the wicked wolf. I learn to be a child like Pooh who invents a silly game like 'Poohsticks' and suddenly being silly is the coolest thing ever. At times I am Bubby the sheep who innocently gives away her wool to the needy without expecting it back, I learn the art of giving. My belief in dreams strengthens with Alice who compels me to think about my Dreamland.

Oh! What a magnificent journey these little books take you on! Bedtime story time is our favourite time of the day. After being a mother I realise, my me time definition has changed. My time is our time. A time when I meet my childish version of myself....carefree, relaxed and forever young...when I bond with my little one being a little myself 🙂.


  1. So well depicted about your feelings. In fact when we become parents (more for mothers) we again grow up with our kids. Barring a few activities that we may not be able to do in public, we may completely become a child, teenager and then young men/women with them as time progresses.
    And when they are grown up we all sing together "give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again" may be with grand kids.
    Keep writing Trupti

    1. Thank you so much Mam. And you have replied so well. The essence of my feelisngs...ditto. It indeed is wonderful growing together and being a child nice again. Re-read and found so many glitches. Wrote this in a moving train today :)