Saturday, March 19, 2016

Manthru's controversial perspective.

It is 7 a.m. and time for a cup of tea with the daily newspaper, a routine that Geeta Aunty has been following for years together. Her Mother-in-law never understood the importance of this deadly combination of tea and news together but believed about tea and gossip, together. Needless, Geeta Aunty looked forward to her tea after her morning walks.

Immersed in the newspaper, seated in her posh garden that needs some trimming, about to sip her tea, her mobile beeps. A message from her gardener Manthru that he is going for a rally to support a group of nationalists opposing Bharat Mata ki Jai. Manthru has not even passed his school, never gone to a college or university but what is education to do with intelligence?

Geeta is confused and mutters, " Haan Bhai, Freedom hain."
A few days ago, Manthru had been to a gathering held by a random sanghatna on 'Valid reasons for a Son to look after his father even after marriage - Mera Beta Mera Khoon.'

Anyway, firm on not to spoil her mood, she sips her tea. Nodding her head with a disapproval look on her face, she reads about the Bharat Mata Ki Jai broil! She is right there in the middle of thoughts, Geeta's MIL interrupts, "Bahu, look at the kitchen, it needs cleaning. Vessels need cleaning."
"Ji Mummy ji."
"How will your reading this newspaper help getting our morning chores done?"
"Don't worry Mummy ji, I will do it."
With that curt look on her face MIL says, "I always told my son, marry a less educated girl but he never listened to me."
Geeta is still busy reading. MIL is rambling in the background.
"Cook something good today, my son and your husband is coming home after 15 days from his business trip."
Geeta didn't utter a word, of course she knew her husband is coming; she soaked rajma beans the previous night, his favourite.

The recent ongoing controversies in the country have been disturbing for Geeta like for most of the citizens but right now more disturbing was Manthru's issue.

Geeta finishes the chores, cooks a meal and is waiting for the family to join her for dinner Lunch was managed on previous night's leftovers. She has cooked, Rajma-chaval for Mr Husband who misses this most during travelling, oil free paratha-oil free sabzi and sugar free kheer for MIL and Soup and salad for her daughter who has been struggling to lose some weight.

Everyone is happy eating delicious meal, MIL quotes, "I always told my son that a girl who cooks good is the one with a heart of gold."
Geeta chuckles and serves a little of everything in her plate.
The daughter is proud of her Mum.
The husband is busy enjoying Rajma-chaval.
The sun sets declaring the end if evening and Geeta in no time is in deep slumber after a long laborious day. One more day and her maid will be back to work.

The next day Manthru walks inside the gate and Geeta is enjoying her newspaper and tea; she hasn't gone to to her morning walk today.

"How are you Manthru?"

Manthru answers after a long pause, "Bibi ji, yesterday my son fought to me. His wife is really cunning. Wants me to leave my old mother back in village to die. She is old and getting finicky, needs help."

"Hmmm. Then why do you live with her? Send her to your village"

"Bibi ji, she loves me and cares for me; she is my mother, how can I leave her?"

Geeta repeats the question, "Why did you attend the rally?"

The question remains unanswered and Geeta sips her tea.


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