Sunday, March 13, 2016


As ambiguous as the title reads, once can fathom - Devil and Fear share a connection but how can a Devil smile? How can it be conquered?

The most scary, nasty and horrendous looking creature, would lose its charm with that smile.

Devils have been introduced through fairy tales and to me they are just like a speed breaker, when everything is kinda smooth and easy going, there comes a hump - a Devil.
Who is this guy? Who created him?

Unlike its opposite, the Angel, this guy has to be red eyed, a big jaw, long untidy nails, sticky hair that haven't been shampooed for ages and probably a big fat moustache and wait, what is its skin colour? Never understood why Devil is associated with dark?

Oh! So does it mean that a Devil is black, red, purple or of any colour except White? - how racist!

                     pic coutesy: twitter@devil, google

This is debatable and perplexing; his kin Ghost too is equivalently, a weirdo; hanging upside down on some lifeless trees almost like a bat, laughing wickedly and undoubtedly the most ugliest by looks. The whole clan seems to be stereotyped and amazing that none of us has ever seen or witnessed their presence.

Though I agree, when I trudge through a dark lane, my heart thuds and I can almost feel that knot in my stomach. I am scared. Afraid. Perturbed. But by whom? The Devil? But where is he? He hasn't touched me, slit my throat, twisted my arm and not even laughed thunderously but I almost feel he has done all that to me.
With all those goose bumps, I come in light and the Devil is gone. My heart beat is pacified, I have retrieved my throat and arm, there is no more laughter ringing in my ears.

And then I am enlightened that this  guy 'Devil' is nothing but my Fear.

I have encountered this fear; on the first day of my school, writing an exam, facing an interview, riding that bicycle on a road for the first time, giving a presentation, sleeping alone in the bedroom and every such little or big thing where there is a possibility of failure and rejection.

One is fearful when he is consumed by the thought of failure, which leads to rejection.

Now, that one figures out that this Devil, lies within us, the solution to conquer it also lies within us.

If our every failure is perceived as an attempt, a step towards success and achievement of our goal, there would be no fear; no Devil.

So, the next time when your heart is thudding, your throat is dry and about to be slit, your arms seem numb and twisted, thunderous laughter rings in your ears; stand still, get hold of that Devil and look into his eyes, smile at him and he will smile back; do not succumb but conquer him.


  1. After reading this I am all pumped up with positivity. Looking forward to such blogs that motivates from within. Short and crisp. Well written

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    1. Glad and very glad that this blog brought in positivity. All the best and thanks a lot for appreciating my write ups.