Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Virtual Yug

Today this obvious struck me, probably my subconscious compartment in brain notices this everyday but today my brain cells took a special note of this obvious. You must be wondering, what this obvious is? Wherever I am, on business, travelling, leisure, all people around me are buried in their fancy gadget called smart phone - all heads down! On train, heads down in this so called smart phones made by smart human. Once upon a time, honest confession that the time without a smart phone was so 'my time'! I enjoyed being where I am absorbing everything around me and living in the present moment, I appreciated sudden weather changes that taught me to accept any change, I never wanted to update and declare to friends and acquaintances about my whereabouts, I never clicked atrocious selfies as my idea of fun wasn't about making silly faces. In short I enjoyed my company if alone or enjoyed being with family and friends.

We all accept that life has changed with technology but technology at disposal and so easily accessible is drawing us apart from being human. We unfortunately need social networking to prove that we are social animals. I again bring an issue of living in a first world country, life is moving with the help of technology but are we being enslaved by it? Are we getting addicted to it? These are some questions to ask. Everyday I walk passing Starbucks, people in there buy those status defining mugs of hot drinks, take their seat and are immersed in their robotic devices, I don't understand this at all. For me a cup of tea is unwinding, its a bonus if I have people around to chat with that cuppa, I am yet very Indian. On serious note, this head down position might get you in trouble named Spondylitis.

Has anybody thought that these man made electronic gadgets are controlling us! We need a smiley to convey our emotions, we need social networking to express our feelings - in a minute we may feel blessed or happy or determined or hungry! Common you don't need Internet to make you realise that you are hungry, it is pure biology. Your stomach and brain coordinate and then you realise about your hunger. Well I am no exception, as I keep on declaring about books I read and movies I watch but never would I update about feeling hungry or thirsty or blah blah blah.

What am I trying to emphasize on?- smart phones? Internet?  Gadgets? Not really, this is all about living in a virtual world. Bhagvad Gita mentions about Satyug and Kalyug but never about Virtual Yug, needs to be deeply thought. Let's make a resolution that we use technology for good,  for convenience. Today, where world is one place and people are hopping around the globe, technology connects us in the form of whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Gmail through these gadgets but trust me the warmth of a hug, happiness when laughter shared, sorrow fades on crying together is much effective than living in a virtual world.

There is a debate if Einstein ever said this but nonetheless, it perfectly defines Virtual Yug.

The current scenario, each family member has his own gadget - this stops you from understanding the concept of sharing, withdraws you from others, forces you to live in your own virtual bubble. I wonder at times, will our next generation ever realise the importance of meeting people/friends/family in flesh and blood!? Or will they prefer doing this virtually? Not to forget, we can talk, dance, sing and do every possible thing that defines that human are social animals, if we stop doing this then soon we would be creating mini robots, with no feelings and emotions but only virtual love and life.

Hold your head up, high and straight,
Let your eyes see the world around,
Let your senses be in your control,
Be ready to explore the world,
With yourself and not with your phone! 

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