Monday, June 1, 2015

Gulmohar and drizzles - Life's philosophy

Monsoon has just about entered and a few showers is what would wash away the heat, cool the hot soil and add a little respite to everyone. Bangalore, the city of trees and especially Gulmohar are now eagerly waiting for those cool drops of pearls to fall on them. Not only plants but this summer has been very harsh on Amrita, fondly known as Ammu. She is heart broken and her dreams of living with Shekhar have been completely burnt to ashes. She is waiting for monsoon, monsoon that will lead to streams and puddles outside her apartment in which she could sail her boats with Shekhar's memories, let go his promises, those dreams that never made way to reality, she was eagerly waiting and was proud of being guileless and loyal to her ownself by loving him unconditionally.

Ammu and Shekhar knew it from day one that their relationship won't survive, they were a very modern couple wanting their own space, living their own dreams and more than love and compassion they were together to test if they could withstand each other. For they always knew that there can't be two swords in one sheath.

Albeit this was expected it was hard, it is indeed tough to separate than being together. Shekhar wasn't ready to take a plunge into marriage and Ammu couldn't be persuaded anymore to be in a live in relationship. This was an impasse, both strong believers but of different traits. Without uttering a single word they let go each other, no arguments, no quarrels and no compromises, this is how two strong people dwell in a relationship expecting the expected to happen one day, leaving a void very silently.

Today, Ammu is alone in her posh flat, she was low yet unbroken, firm on her decision. She always believed that the beauty of a rose lies in its thorns and her principles were just like thorns safely guarding her beauty, her soul is beautiful, her love was sacred and her intentions were divine.

Lost deeply in her thoughts, probably figuring what to do next, to do or not to?! What a perplexed state she was in, she has lost her way out of this emotional mesh. The door bell rings and she is jolted back to reality. It is her maid Chaya.

Chaya knows about Shekhar and she always warned Ammu but Love is blind they say and Ammu was completely drenched in his love, she could only see love, sense love and love was what Shekhar meant for her.

Ammu pretends to be normal and asks Chaya, ' Have you lost something valuable Chaya, anytime in your life?'

Chaya exactly is aware of the context and decides to answer. She gazes out of the window and says, ' I lost my mother after a few hours of being born. My father blamed me for her death and never treated me well. My brother, a chauvinist found the same reason and disowned me. Later, as a compromise and no where to go I lived with my father and one fine morning I found myself alone in our house, for me it was never a home. From that day I am all alone and having lost all my relations but decided to live without any guilt or sorrow. Life taught me that you are left with what you are supposed to own and then I realised that I never owned my mother, father and brother.'

Ammu was stunned and speechless, she didn't want to look into Chaya's eyes. For the first time Ammu met someone stronger than her ownself. Ammu exactly knew what she had to do now, she doesn't have Shekhar as she never owned him.

Ammu stood besides Chaya, folding her hands they both stood gazing out of the window, it had started drizzling, aroma of wet soil was mesmerizing, a little birdie shedding off beautiful pearls off its body, dancing rain drops compelled the soil to give away heat, showers had washed away dust layered on leaves of Gulmohar, completely metamorphised it from dull to shiny and glossy new leaf. Gulmohar looked beautiful as never before, clean and ready to breathe fresh, ready to dream and ready to LIVE.....

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