Friday, March 20, 2015

To my Aadhya - with Love

To my Aadhya – with Love

My little bundle of joy and sunshine,
Most priceless possession you are of mine,
The day when I learned you were planted in my womb,
Happy I was to know that a life was to bloom.

Those scans were most impatiently waited,
That was my only chance to see you indeed.
Those little heart beats spoke volumes to me,
Questioning, ‘Mum are you listening to me?’

Radiologist declared, ‘Congratulations it’s a GIRL’,
I really wanted to do a swirl,
It never mattered how bloated I looked,
But you were happily growing was the only truth.

One fine night you took me on a painful journey,
It Will always be an everlasting memory,
And that next day my arms carried you,
Every single emotion was pious and true.

You came as a blessing in my life,
Happily promoted me to Mum from wife,
Every little thing done by you,
Makes me feel so proud of you,

Many magic moments we will live together,
Weaving a bond deeper and stronger,
May you be bestowed with courage and strength,
And fight against odds with a shining edge.

I wish you luck in every endeavour,
You won’t always win is to remember,
Don’t ever give up in what you believe,
Keep trying is the key to succeed.

If ever you fail and feel upset,
Don’t forget! There is a clear sky after a spell of wet.
Be yourself with immense dignity,
Nothing should ever disturb your integrity.

Love every one and be kind,
May you be loved by one and all,
Nothing else matters to me,
My daughter is my pride!

I don’t want to think of that day when I have to let you go,
But I want you to evolve as a ‘woman’ and much more,
One thing my honey you always remember,
Your Mum will love you ever and forever!!!

Happy second birthday 🎂 my baby Aadhya...Aai and Papa love you a lot.

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