Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Happiness is to be cherished and sorrows are to be shortly lived! 

Do we really want to be living in sorrow, marooned and soaked in thoughts of something that popped up a question - Is Life worth living? 

Recently we lost a dear family member. This was more of shock as it came unexpectedly. Only when you feel that you have a hold on life, you are jolted back to reality. One can't hold life, can't control life...take it as it comes.

This fact of loosing someone has hit me hard again. Whatever I am doing, I am subconsciously thinking of life and death. What solves this complex question of life and death? Everyone who is born has to die then why is it so excruciatingly painful to accept this one reality?

Bring vulnerable is a part of being human. The effort we as humans put in to cope up with this loss, vulnerability and uncertainty is definitely commendable. As one grows,there is sort of understanding and acceptability towards such losses!

Today, waiting for the train to arrive I thought of getting back to reading. I wanted to come back to normalcy....sort of tell my brain to stop thinking about this complexity. Nothing much but only want to enjoy my day as I did before but then there is a fear..of being jolted again!

Condolences are expressed by saying that whatever happened is for good but a loss is a loss - age and sex hardly matter. A person who left has also left a void behind,.which will always be there. Over a period of time the family gets along with life but void is still there!

One of the beautiful abilities bestowed to mankind is to get over and get going. Nothing wrong in it really for what is gone is gone.

I am exactly unaware about what I want to write at this moment but here is something I realise with every loss:

Live like you haven't lived before.
Laugh your heart out.
Weep your sorrows completely.
No place for misunderstandings and egos.
Life is too short to hate.
Be kind and generous to one and all.
Never complaint - trust me whatever you possess is the best of all.
Treasure family and friends.
Life is really beautiful if you could wipe a tear off
Always see positives of a person, appreciate niceness

I am indeed sure that I have missed some more points but today I am only following my emotions. 

Finally, this post is dedicated to Anurag my nephew who was very brave and fought a battle of Life vs Death. He succumbed but faced everything bravely. Wherever you are, we know you will be happy and seeing us. You have left a void in our hearts and lives. You have left a saga of enormous strength and courage, which is to tough to be mustered by anyone.

                     Rest in Peace Anurag!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss Trupti. Did your nephew suffer from any ailments?