Monday, September 29, 2014

I think...

What is it that continuously lives within us? What are we doing always, subconsciously if not consciously? Starting with too many questions is like hitting hard on my readers but this is interesting and I am sure it is making you 'THINK' for an answer and before you have thought, let me tell you that thinking is a process, which goes on knowingly & unknowingly within us! 

A glimpse of my viscious thinking cylce.

I think about should I sleep for 10 more minutes,
Then I think about my morning cuppa when out of bed,
I think about what for breakfast
How lucky I was as a kid, runs a thought!
I think about the little one so cute and curled up in her cot,
I think about not waking her up, should I kiss her or not?
Tik Tik Tik - I think about the running time,
I think about what to dress,
I think about what to eat for lunch when only my breakfast has settled in my tummy,
I think about which train to catch,
I think about, will I get a seat?
When on train I think of work,
I think that I am so unprofessional about sneaking in late at work,
It's OK I say with a smirk,
When at work I can't stop thinking about the little one at nursery,
Then creeps in the 'mother's guilt'
I think about what to cook for dinner while eating lunch,
Finally I pack my bag to leave and think if anyone has seen me leaving early,
As I walk I think about the bus and train,
On the train I again think about my day,
When I get off the train, I only think of my little one,
Then we walk back home happily,
But as we walk, I think about what to feed her for dinner,
I think about some recipes I noted for her,
I think about not giving her junk is better, 
And finally the day is officially over and I am tired of thinking,
But I realised that one can't really get rid of it,
There is nothing untouched and unreachable,
At last I go to bed thinking about the day next!!

Am I the only one who 'thinks' always?




  1. No no not really!!! You think and you act, lazy procrastinators like me think, think and think some more, but finally shelve it for future ;) And lemme tell you I am proud of what I think upon and equally proud of not working on it :)

    1. Thanks Nivedita. Your comments were greatly missed. I was like you during PhD. It demands complete focus. Yeah..I too am proud to be a thinker!...must say and also having friends like you make me more of a thinker...😄

  2. A good (and healthy) train of thoughts.
    Most common ones:
    How lucky I was as a kid, runs a thought!
    But I realised that one can't really get rid of it,

    1. Thanks for your good and healthy comment. I didn't mention about politics, environment issues, life in India and much more 😄