Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'Eat-sy Beet-sy Wrap'

It is tough for me to decide whether I enjoy writing or cooking. An amateur in both cases, love them to the core. They both surprise me and everytime I indulge in either of them I feel that I have reinvented myself.

I don't want to keep you all waiting, presenting 'Eat-sy Beet-sy Wrap'. My 30th blog, a healthy, delicious and filling wrap. On my way back from Bath Spa to Bristol one corner of my brain is subconsciously thinking of 'what can be cooked for dinner?' Today it striked me that I have lot of left over stuffed in the fridge and I never bin any left over unless unfit to consume. Eureka 💡, a wrap striked me like a lightening!


Beet root - grated, medium sized
Red Onion - finely chopped, medium sized
Cabbage - grated, same as the size of Beet
Baby Spinach leaves - about 20
Carrot - grated, same quantity as Beet and others
Dill - finely chopped, fistful
Cucumber - a small cup, finely chopped
Mixed herbs - one tsp
Chaat masala - one tsp or according to your likes
Humour or any spread will do.

Left overs:
Rice, Cholle/chick pea sabzi, steamed green moong, dahi wale alloo sabzi. Everything in the same proportion as the Salads. Frankly this can be made without setting any proportions.

Now take a mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients. Add a tsp of mixed herbs, a tsp chaat masala, finely chopped Dill enough to add some flavour, salt to taste, drizzle pepper, squeeze half a lemon juice.

Take a tortilla wrap (wholemeal, white or any of your wish). Warm it as per instructions. Spread some houmous or any spread evenly. I also used a spicy burger spread to make it more delicious. Any spread or chutney of your choice goes well in this wrap. 

Take the mixing bowl, add the salad and left over mix on this base very evenly. Remember that the layer shouldn't be neither thin nor thick, optimum enough to impart the taste and crunch. 

Voila...your deliciously nutritiously heavenly easily preparable wrap is ready in 20 minutes! 

Tips: Lemon juice has vitamin C which enhances the assimilation of iron/ferrous. This prep is rich in Ferrous due to Spinach and Beet root and hence squeezing lemon juice is a must!

Any vegetables, lentils, left overs can go in this wrap.

A colourful delight is good for your health. Beta carotene, chlorophyll, fibre, protein, carbohydrate. In short a 'nutritious punch'

I hope you'll try this or many of them know this! Eat healthy and think healthy...Cheers!!!!

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