Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - make it worth.

Writing a new post is a process that I enjoy the most. Deciding the topic, concoction and more importantly effortlessly maintaining a flow throughout to make a readable and enjoyable post with which my friends, readers connect very easily. I am always on a look out for what can be a potential new post and this one now has emerged out of nowhere. Definitely a movie title ZNMD is linked with 'making your life worth'. A movie script will now be connected to a 'real' story of a 21st century girl Poonam Rajput. An engineer who won her degree with a distinction & has secured a job at TCS, a bright student throughout her school. No big deal you would say! There are many who achieve this. Let me introduce you all to an Engineer Poonam Rajput but a bit differently.

There are very few movies which I feel like watching a second time. Be it Bolly or Holly. One such Bolly movie is ZNMD. All Bolly lovers very well know this abbreviation so I need not explain. It is hard to find one, who hasn't liked this blockbuster and I am no exception. Realistic story to whom each of us can relate, memorable characters, lovely music, fun, humor at its best and not to forget infectiously picturesque, gorgeous Spain! Why is it that you relate to a movie? Either a part of the story scripted has happened with you or you desire something like that to happen to you. This movie very clearly meant and explained that 'you live once and make sure that you thoroughly live it'. Do whatever you want to, materialism is not life, find some time to spend your money, deal with some bitter truths of life, take unknown challenges, overcome your fears and limitations and so on. The characters made sure that they thoroughly do all of this during this rendezvous. Best scene in the movie for me was when the horses are running with their shiny hair flaowing with the wind, not bothered about much happening around, not bothered that they are being watched by a bunch of youngsters paralleling them. Aren't we like those horses? Chasing our dreams, ambitions and many times not knowing what we are chasing and while this chasing we tend to be quite immune to our surrounding, problems and sufferings of others. Some of us do manage to take a note of these but have no time to react, or some react but not act, or some act but not effectively and a very few of us do that effectively.

A normal day at office. Was waiting for the nutrient medium to cool down before some inoculations. Casually surfing the net and pops a ping 'Hi', it's Poonam! A fresh graduate who has secured a first class with distinction thorughout her engineering and now with a secure job in TCS. I congratulate Poonam and her Mummy on her success. A very cheerful, bubbly and lively girl Poonam is. She sends me a lot of cartoon cute pics for Aadhya. Poonam has seen Aadhya in pics and finds her very adorable. Our chat went like this:

 Me: Poonam, Congratulations. I am proud of you. You have made your Mum proud

Poonam: Thanks Didi. You and all others have always supported me to get here.

Me: We all are with you.

Me: What are you up these days? What about your job?

Poonam: I have got one in TCS but yet not joined

Poonam: There is still some time before I join. I have joined  'Sapling  School' and work with Mummy . I work there during day time, help the staff, teach the children and after the school hours I teach the underprivileged kids. I love to teach them . They are so affectionate.

Me: I am really very proud of you Poonam. Keep it up!

Poonam is only 21 year old. She lost her father when she was little, perhaps too little to understand what father means and how his loss will affect her life. Poonam's mother Ms Meena Rajput toiled hard, ran a mess at Naitonal Chemical Laboratory premises. She sacrificed her life, feelings, curbed her emotions and only lived for her daughter. Earned a living by cooking, making lunch & dinner tiffins and all of this with dignity. A very brave woman indeed who fought against many odds. Family for Poonam meant only her Mummy. Meena Aunty one day decided to stop cooking and joined a school. She had collected enough money for Poonam's education. All her efforts, hard work, suffering as a widow/single mum has been worth in the form of Poonam. I am not only impressed with her academic achievements but this sensitive side of hers. A very young girl who chose to deal with educating underprivileged kids over living in dreams and having a life of her own. Doesn't this convey something? She might not be able to pursue her dream of continuing with this social event after she joins her lucrative job at TCS but at least she initiated doing in what she believed. With a free time after studies and new job she could have chosen to do anything, for her ownself but she chose this. Does she feel for them because she too has had a tough life seeing her mother toil for her? Generally, do we feel for sufferings and problems of others only when we have gone through it?

I still wish to do something valuable for the upliftment of the society and I try to do it whenever possible in any form. It is so enchanting to see a fresh young breed too wants to do good for the society in this era where any youngster can get carried away. We live once and why not make it worth? I would do this not because I want generations to remember me as a social reformer or someone great but for my soul, soul-peace and soul-happiness. If you have something good/better/best in you, why not pass it on? If you have the potential of making a difference then why not use it in a right way?

In a true sense 'Zinadagi Na Milegi Dobara - make it worth, how you make it worth is your choice!'

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