Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pretty Woman or Stepmom?

My love for Julia Roberts is mainly because of my mother. Not a very fluent English speaker but a voracious reader, she always read various articles on Science, food, fiction, movie reviews. She has watched very few English movies that can be literally counted, amongst these are her 2 favourites Pretty Woman & Stepmom. Are these her favourites due to her love for Julia or these being simply classics. Whatever it is hard to decide if Julia makes you fall in love or the script. Recently I re-watched Pretty Woman and Stepmom. It just striker me, they don't make such classics anymore. Categorised as 'rom-com' but it makes you feel so real. This could happen with anyone and the ease with which the story unfolds can be compared to water flowing in the springs, finding its own way, nothing can force it to change its path.

Julia is so addictive, seductive and lovably simple as a 'hooker'. She made me realise the fact that hooker are human beings with obvious emotions and principles. I loved when Julia says to Richard that 'nobody dreams of being a hooker'. I couldn't agree more with this. It is nonetheless a modern day fairytale where a 'hooker' struggles hard to make a living and ends up meeting her prince charming who is a 'multi-millionare'. She boasts that she earns 100$ a day but uses a safety pin to bind her boots, runs away when she realises that she doesn't have enough money to pay the rent. She gracefully transforms herself from a hooker to a fashionista learning to match the likes of Richard and she succeeds leaving everyone surprised including herself. The costumes are so classic, elegant and rich which Julia carries with such poise and grace leaving a desire in your heart for them. That dark cherry Red lipstick, aahh she doesn't look cheap or vulgar in that. An honest souled hooker who doesn't practice lip to lip kiss has her own rules and boundaries defining true love. Too gracious, honest, elegant and lively to be a hooker,there would have been no other choice than Julia for portraying this role. She etched a place in many hearts. That straight from heart smile, those tears out of true love, that change realising herself was marvellously played by her. I want to tell her some day that not only Richard but the whole world fell in love with you Pretty Woman!

Are you interested to know how this Pretty Woman proved herself being a 'Stepmom'? She was terrific, brilliant, ravishing and again very honest. Honestly honesty brings the best out of you and kudos to Julia for standing up against Susan Sarandon, A sensible and touching movie with great performances. I was completely floored by Susan as Jackie, a loving, caring & protective mother who is always doubtful about a career oriented new girlfriend (Isabelle) of her ex-husband. This is complicated but the flow of the story is brilliant and persuades you that this ain't impossible. Here Julia pours in her heart to be the best Stepmom or rather a cool, friendly Stepmom to Anna and Ben. She is amazing but always is overlooked by Susan. I must say no one better than Susan could have done this role. The touching Daughter Mom moment where they decide not to say Never-Never but say Always-Always and its a promise-promise under the white moon, over the white horse with white snow everywhere. Beautifully shot! The scene where Susan sees Julia singing a song for Ben depicts a mixture of emotions with tears in her eyes. Confused whether she is happy Julia taking away her kids, Jealous because Julia was getting closer and closer, Unhappy because very soon she would die and her kids won't miss her. Susan leaves you surprised with her calmness when she discloses the news about Lymphoma to her family, the way she answers Ben about death. She says that though physically absent, he could carry her everywhere. The rug and magicians cloak as Christmas gifts made me cry! Finally on a Christmas eve the whole family is together..including Julia. It is all about Susan but Julia brilliantly plays a modern, fashion photographer who is uber cool chick and does everything with great elan. She loves her boyfriend,  a father of two kids and is ready to commit her life to them. She walks out of her job, its all about standing by your decision. It also about being a 'Mom'...about being a beautiful woman.
Julia certainly redefines and justifies 'Stepmom'

I highly reckon everyone to watch these classics, most of them must have and if not then hurry up!!!


  1. I want to watch them all over again!!! Apart from Pretty Woman, I like Monalisa Smile and Runaway Bride as well... One more thing, Susan Sarandon was of course, a good co-actor, but, how could you forget Richard Gere??? I guess the older he becomes, the more handsome he gets ;)

  2. I too love Ruanawy Bride but not as much as PW and SM...the chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is aweome but Julia outstands..Did you watch Shall We Dance? Susan and Richard are good...but Richard outstands and JLo is a treat...fabulous!! Richard is like old wine...but I wanted to focus only on undivided love for her..;))