Friday, July 4, 2014

How can we help Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji?

With a brand new Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi ji, marks the beginning of a new era for India. He recently completed a month on being sworn as a PM of the world’s largest democracy. This era could be constructive and ‘hope’ is what a human has that is enough to survive and we all are full of hopes from our Mr PM. I have been reading so many articles about NaMo (fondly known as) and it almost feels like he has a ‘magical wand’ which will wipe out poverty, corruption and many such problems that developing India is facing at the moment. Does NaMo have a ‘magical wand’? Can he wipe out every problem by snapping his fingers like ‘chutkiyon mein’? Is only a one man army enough to handle millions of problems of the world’s largest democracy? I am sure all my readers have their answer ready by now and it is a big ‘NO’. He is a PM with all the power…a powerful PM but after all he is a human being. He needs his time to settle in though by now he definitely has all his strategies ready, an agenda ready to act and he is acting on many key issues but we should also remember the fact that things aren’t easy in a country like ‘India’ with diverse cultures and people with heterogeneous thinking. We all unanimously realized that country was in a desperate need of a strong leader and very importantly ‘a vision’ for our motherland. I haven’t met NaMo but his personality reflects that he has the right attitude, aptitude and confidence assures me that he will set everything right but over a period of time. 

How can we play a significant role in helping our PM?

I am a person who believes that the government should not be blamed for every small thing. Living in UK has made me understand one fact that sensible people with discipline, self-realization add to the progress of a country. Look at England, nothing is grown in this country nor manufactured. The country heavily relies on China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh for everything (almost). The climatic conditions are not very pleasant but yet this country is the 'best' to live in.  People here are polite, abide by the laws and this is in the best interest of the country. 

What as Indians do we need to learn?

a)      Civic Sense: The utmost important sense which can be linked to common sense according to me. Do we Indians lack common sense? No but we like to ignore it for sure. It not only deals about cleanliness of public places but beyond that. Abiding by the laws, respect for the fellow beings which help in making a system more effective. I bet civic sense in the only panacea to the chaos we are facing in India. Why not teach our kids to thank the bus driver, auto driver, sweeper, garbage picker. Aren’t these people doing a job which needs to be applauded? I know they are being paid but would you or I do such a job if we were paid? Respect to labour rather any form of labour, dignity of labour is what Indians have to learn.

b)      Traffic Sense: The Indian traffic is world famous and the honking horns add to it. No wonder why people banter about the way we drive because it just doesn’t follow any health and safety laws. While driving, crossing road one must think the impact of his/her action on others. How many of the Indians stop at the Zebra crossing and allow the pedestrians to walk first? I never did when I drove and I detest being so inconsiderate. We expect good roads from the government but clearly the government is not responsible for the traffic chaos. Every single driver on the road seems to be super busy and is in a hurry to get his way through leaving an impression of being a VIP who is getting late for the meeting. With a poor traffic sense that we all have, we must have a certified course on traffic sense included.

c)       Respect for Women: For good or bad but the media has done the damage to India’s image as an unsafe country for Women. With high percentage of female foeticide, gang rapes, domestic violence we aren’t adding any glory to our country. Dignity and equality is what Women expect. It is just so unacceptable to offer prayers to Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi but torture Women. Isn’t every Woman a very tiny bit of all these Goddesses’? As a society we should campaign for Women’s education, social emancipation and equality.

d)      Celebrate diversity: Only country in the world which has so much of diversity – be it language, food, colour, lifestyles and festivals. We should learn to celebrate our diversity rather fighting on petty issues. An old saying ‘Together we stand and divided we fall’ is just so apt for India. Be Indian at heart ‘first’ always!

So much more to add but I will limit myself. We need to remind ourselves that our fore fathers have earned this freedom at the cost of lots of precious lives and gallons of blood loss. We definitely have to take this country to the higher level and put it at a respectable position on the ‘globe’. Let people know that beyond curries, food and spices there exists a modern, progressive India with a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Tiny contributions are important and it is never too late. Remember the squirrel that helped Lord Rama build the bridge? Why not help Mr Modi ji build up a ‘strong, developed and progressive Nation – India’ and Ache Din Jaroor Aayenge.



  1. Well written Trupti, we all need a serious overhaul from what we conventionally follow. The problem I feel somewhere lies in our thought process as well. We never ask ourselves what we are doing, whether it's right or wrong? We have a general tendency to follow.. I think some people nowadays take the things that you mentioned seriously than what they did even 10 years back. Maybe, people will change being an optimist this much I can hope :)

    1. Exactly, we like to follow what others do without giving it a thought but unfortunately we follow the wrongs and not the rights! I also agree that some people do follow sensible stuff but the ratio of sensible to insensible to far too less...I too have a hope and I am an optimist like you..:)