Monday, June 16, 2014

My Daddy BESTEST...

My Daddy you remember the advertisement which had this solid sentence that was so catchy and I remember the sentence? I can almost feel the pride, experience those goose bumps when I think how blessed I am to have a FATHER like my PAPA. It is always a mother who is closely associated to the child since birth and she gets all the credits of bringing up the best in the child but the secret efforts of a father sometimes go unnoticed. I am witnessing a father's feeling towards his child only due to KS and the fantastic doting father he plays to our AS. Father's day is just around the corner and I would like to take this opportunity to pay an ode to the Men who have evolved as fantastic Father's. Focusing on my Papa and Aadhya's Papa....

AS and her Ajoba - moment to cherish forever
Whatever good in me today is only because of these men (including my Brother RJ) and I can't thank them enough. Papa, in our house has always been very soft, never too vocal, more of a friend to me and RJ. He always tried and still tries to give us the BEST. I still remember how as kids we made him sleep between us and then kept on moving his neck in order to have him faced to both of us turn by turn. He was the one who always assisted us to the loo, to the kitchen whenever thirsty at nights and never ever do I remember any crinkles on his forehead. An extremely religious person and a god fearing human being he gave us the right education about our values and ethics. I won't ever forget that he fasted for me only because I could pass in Mathematics and when passed used to perform a pooja at Raghvendra Swami's temple....such has been his love and support to me. He always believes that a person with values like honesty and simplicity can be successful in whatever he undertakes. Extremely hard working he has set an example for us that life is never a cakewalk and there are no shortcuts.I still remember the day when my Aai told me that he sobbed for a month after I got married and was no more a part of his family (traditionally and culturally). Lots to share but inadequacy of space...I pray to God to bless him with good health and happiness always. Love you Papa....can't really stop my tears rolling....

Together they make every moment special
Moving on to Aadhya's father KS - we are proud parents to AS and this journey till now hasn't been easy. It has been enjoyable only and only due to KS and his fatherly instincts. A 21st century father who spent nights reading books about babies, their health problems and changed her first nappy. He was so elated when AS was given in his arms...just like a kid with a new toy which he has longed for! Holding her in his arms and teary eyed when he kissed her forehead I knew he will be a fantastic father. I always feel that his fatherly instincts are sharper than my motherly instincts. The way he cares for her minutest requirements leaves me spellbound. Whenever he is with her it has to be physically and mentally...he gives her his 100%. Never ever he loses his cool on AS in whatever situations ...I can't be this cool. Looking at him when he is immersed in playing with her makes me think that my Papa too must have done the same for me! Whether be physically, financially or on any fronts he always wants the best for KS. I always tell AS (though she doesn't understand) thay she is lucky and blessed to have a caring fathet like KS. Looking for new food recipes for AS, reading and literature survey about vitamins for kids are a few examples that define a 21st century father's concern in KS. On behalf of Aadhya I wish him lots of happiness and good health..I know he is waiting to listen to Aadhya wishing him very soon.

Every daughter has a role model in her Father. No one can ever touch that place.

A concoction for a father from his daughter....

You taught me to laugh and I knew what happiness meant,
You taught me to walk and I knew what trust meant,
You bought me gifts and I knew what pampering meant,
AS celebrating her first Father's day with beloved Papa
You taught me to drive and I knew what friendship meant,
The small little everythings you did for me,
At the cost of sacrifices for thee,
If life is a sky with twinkling stars,
You 'Papa' have been my invaluable star...rather Super Star....

Let's say together...My Daddy BESTEST...cheers..:)

Ajoba's special moment with his grand-daughters


  1. Reading this post I feel you deserve a blog post from Kamendra for being a splendid mom... well written

    1. I am namesake Mom but he is an adorable Father...thanks.again...:)

  2. Beautifully written... as they say, Daughters always remain a princess to a father :)
    Glad to have come across your blog.

    1. Hey thanks Gauri for dropping by and appreciating. I did read some of your recipes and they are amazingly simple and so doable...:)