Tuesday, May 27, 2014


These days I am in an exploring mood. After a gruelling PhD time which I would like to compare to winter and at the moment life is just like 'spring' for me…so beautiful bringing in tender hopes of a warm, shiny and liveable promising summer.  I often go out for shopping these days and to be more specific Window Shopping! There is something very enchanting about window shopping over actual shopping. The wonderful feeling is because you don’t have to swipe your ‘magic card’ for window shopping or shell those crispy currency notes from your wallet. Window shopping keeps you well informed about the current trend which helps you to exhibit your knowledge amongst your girls gang. Enough of comparison…it almost feels as though I am writing another 'PhD thesis on Shopping'! Recently ‘AS’ turned a year old and to congratulate me on this achievement I received a number of discount coupons from Boots pharmacy. Bringing up a child is a joint effort so after receiving these coupons I felt the Dads are left cheated, they never receive any pampering. Coming to the point, one coupon was for a ‘free makeover’. This was very exciting and I was sure about going for it. The reason behind is I almost looked like a Zombie leading the most erotic life when I was a new Mum. The other Mums under the make-up cake gave me a complex which made me feel miserable. I booked an appointment with Boots for the 'No.7' makeup. Very frankly I have been someone who likes living and looking very simple. That is the way I have been brought up and I feel proud of my Aai (Mum) who taught me prioritise events in my life. She was very keen about my studies and was always on a look out of the intellectual impact of whatever I do. So it was always studies first (though I was never a book worm or a studious geek) and then followed everything.

I was full of excitement about this makeover as the last time I wore makeup during my wedding. Every bride wants to look her best and I was no exception but after the makeup I felt so awkward and artificial. Looking at the mirror I was like, ‘this is not ME!’ but everyone said I looked good and I was forced to agree. With all these thoughts, memories oozing out I sat on the chair. The girl who was assigned to do the makeover looked pretty with eyes neatly lined using an eyeliner, extra-long, curled eyelashes, cherry red lips (of course due the lipstick) and a very radiant skin (due to the extra radiance foundation). She checked my skin tone first and then started. She asked me which foundation shade I preferred? I was lost and with no answer almost fumbling I looked at her. Honestly told her that I am a novice and gave her consent to go ahead with whatever she feels is suitable for me. In almost 15 minutes the makeover was done. She was all praises, went ga-ga that I looked beautiful and how the No.7 products are awesome. Handing me the mirror she smiled at the next client. I looked at myself and was confused. I didn’t look the original me, felt a pang of awkwardness. Anyways, I thanked her and left the place. Took a bus back home and though nobody was even bothered about me, my makeup I almost felt that everyone on the bus was staring me or rather thinking how foolish I look!? Till I reached home I was only looking down and smiling over my decision for having painted my face. After arriving home I felt more comfortable. Rushed to the bathroom and splashed loads of water to wash the make-up, cleaned the smudged mascara with cleansing milk and splashed more and more water to make sure that it was all washed. Dabbed the water using a flannel and looked in the mirror…ahh what a relief to see myself, feel my skin. No awkwardness everything normal and natural.

This is when I realized – I don’t need a make-up to look outstandingly beautiful. Why makeover if it doesn’t make me feel comfortable? I look charming due to the smile which is honest and straight from my heart, due to a starry shine of intelligence in my eyes and a right attitude towards life. A well-qualified, well learned young lady that I am, do I need this show-shaa? Certainly the radiant personality that I have doesn’t need any make-up that is fake. I also concluded no cosmetic brand, apparel brand can define me as ‘I..me..myself’ am a Brand full with confidence, appropriate knowledge and thoughts those are mine – not influenced by anyone. Is there any need to follow anyone? Absolutely not! 

I am not the only one who has encountered such things and there are many who would agree to me. You can be like others by imitating them but there can’t be anyone like ‘you’. You are unique, different in your own way and hence you are a BRAND. Brand yourself with everything that makes you feel comfortable, gives you confidence to conquer your fears, and makes you look and feel natural, complete! I always find Unconventional is beautiful, Imperfect is beautiful and more important is 'Right attitude'...Cheers!!


  1. I can't agree more, though, I also feel loving yourself the way you are brings out our inner confidence as well. What do you say?

    1. Again I would say that everyone Man/Woman should have high regards for him/her self first and nothing external will be ever required and there is no comfort, confidence like being in your own skin.